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Driving 'piping forward

It is not always possible to find a teacher local enough to be practical. This method is intended for enthusiasts who find themselves in this unfortunate position. This is a complete basic course, just as you would get with  real live teacher...

It is also hoped that those who are lucky enough to have a teacher nearby will use this for home support and to aid them finding good questions to ask to make most use of their lessons.

Inevitably, there are many 'secrets' which can't reasonably be conveyed via the internet, and so this information is not given. The path chosen is hoped to be as clear as possible to as many people as possible.

All comments, constructive criticism and ideas are eagerly listened to. It is feedback that has helped improve this teach yourself method so far.

It is warmly suggested that the learner goes through the course in the order given in the right hand index.

Lessons with Lindsay Davidson are possible via the internet. To do this you simply need to make a video of yourself playing your tune or your exercise two times, place it somewhere for download on the internet (for example youtube), send Lindsay the link, and you will receive, within ten days, an email with a general remark/advice, a list of 5 points for your attention, together with 5 exercises to help you. A small fee is involved. After receiving your comment you are free to delete your video from the internet should you wish your lesson to remain utterly private. To book a lesson please email Lindsay.

This service is also available for pipe bands, or groups of pipers. In this case each piper will be given one point for attention, and the ensemble will be given five points.

If you want a midi file of a tune to practice with, please contact Lindsay directly with your music for a quotation. Some more tunes will be made for download later in 2011.

Please feel free to join the mailing list to find out about when changes are made to the teach yourself bagpipes pages - new tunes, new exercises, special events, and also to talk to other beginner pipers.

Getting Started

How to Practice

Rhythm and Reading Music

Rudiments Index

Hand Position and the Scale
Crossing sounds
G Gracenotes
D Gracenotes
E Gracenotes
G,D,E Gracenotes exercise
Doublings - general principles
Low G Doublings
Low A Doublings
B Doublings
C Doublings
D Doublings
E Doublings
F Doublings
High G Doublings
High A Doublings

Moving on



Transition to Bagpipes
Tuning a Bagpipe

Getting Better

Using Midi files
Intermediate exercises

Band repertoire

Contact details:
skype: lindsay.davidson1973