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Lindsay Davidson has built up a number of important collaborations with various people in different fields, from literature to organisers, to conductors. Please click on the links for further information


Irena Czubek Davidson - Lindsay's wife, harpist extraordinaire, member of The Ancient Bards, and Celtic Triangle
Katarzyna Wiwer - soprano with an exceptional range of experience and skill. Member of Celtic Triangle.
Pawel Wojtowicz - one of Krakow's top violinists, a member of 'The Reivers' and a superb organiser. Pawel has his own orchestra, Ensemble Cracovie,  Lindsay's choice orchestra for events.
Crodad and 100 Years - a superb punk/jazz blend with a difference.
Rysiek Haba - percussionist and rising soloist. Member of The Reivers. Rysiek also organises events.


Dr Alberto Massimo - Edinburgh based conductor of renown. Leads the Edinburgh Chamber Orchestra.

Jan Jazownik - conducted Lindsay's first orchestral recording, 'Philharmonic Bagpipes' and continues to work with Lindsay on projects based in Eastern Europe.

Steve Ellery -  London based conductor who regularly works with the Locrian Ensemble.


Dr Tom Hubbard - composer of text for Lindsay's first and most important opera, Tulsa, as well as his second and smaller ballad opera, The Ballad of Annie Kerr, aka 'The Sink'. Tom has also written the text for manyof Lindsay's songs.


Przemek Wawrzyniak - a very reliable and exact organiser from Poznan, Poland.

At any given time Lindsay is working on several different projects.

If you would like to work with Lindsay on a project, please contact him.

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