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Driving 'piping forward

Arniston Castle

Every tune is different and needs a unique learning strategy.

Every person is different, and needs a unique learning strategy.

Every person needs a unique learning stategy for every tune.

My suggestion for this tune is:

1. Go through it and find where all the gracenotes and doublings are in relation to the beat - that is which action closes on the beat and opens on the beat.

2. Play through the tune at half tempo trying to feel the rhythm of the embellishments. The midi files will be prepared soon which will give you an example.

3. Make an interpretation, and write it down, of the rhythm of the embellishments.

4. Do one line, or 'part', at a time, slowly and complete, seven times without a mistake - half tempo, quarter tempo then normal tempo.

Arniston Castle

Click here to download the tune as a pdf.

Getting Started

How to Practice

Rhythm and Reading Music

Rudiments Index

Hand Position and the Scale
Crossing sounds
G Gracenotes
D Gracenotes
E Gracenotes
G,D,E Gracenotes exercise
Doublings - general principles
Low G Doublings
Low A Doublings
B Doublings
C Doublings
D Doublings
E Doublings
F Doublings
High G Doublings
High A Doublings

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Tuning a Bagpipe

Getting Better

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